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We are young people who work with other young people to build up their entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills. 55,000 students educated!

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Helping young people to develop the skills of tomorrow – today!

Fiftysix Creations was founded by Aussie Teenager, Taj Pabari in 2014 with a simple vision - to inspire young people to create the world we live in, rather than just consume it.

Since then, Fiftysix Creations has gone on to educate over 55,000 students from across Australia and New Zealand via our entrepreneurship and financial literacy workshop programs.

Our goal? To educate 100,000 students by 2025 and solve youth unemployment forever.


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s business leaders.

Young Entrepreneur Case Study: The Sustainable 6R’S App (Townsville, Queensland)

Erin, Imogen and Isabella are the 9-year-old Co-Founders of The Sustainable 6R’S App. They go to school at Heatley State Primary School in Townsville, Queensland and are passionate about preventing waste by educating young people about the 6R’s. 

As of 1 July 2019, the girls have raised $25,000 of investment along with $25,000 of in-kind support to help make their application a reality.