Our Executive Family

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Taj Pabari: Founder & CEO

Taj Pabari is one of Australia’s youngest and most successful social entrepreneurs. Taj established Fiftysix Creations, Australasia's Largest Youth Entrepreneurship Provider at the age of fourteen. His story has been featured by Sunrise, 60 Minutes, The Today Show, National Geographic, ABC, Nickelodeon and CNBC.

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Tionne Young: Head of Special Events

Tionne Young is the Director of Special Events and Communications at Fiftysix Creations. She has been directly responsible for the delivery of the 2019 Minister’s Climate Challenge Featuring Former US Vice President, Al Gore as well as YES (Young Entrepreneur Summit) which featured 550+ young people.

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Victoria Reynolds: Head of Education - Schools

Victoria Reynolds left the teaching world in 2017 to join Fiftysix Creations as the Head of Education, specialising in school and curriculum review. She has taught at multiple schools across Australia - both in metro and country and is committed to creating a wholistic curriculum for all young people. regardless of their postcode.

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Zara Lassey: Lead Classroom Coach

Zara Lassey is a Lead Classroom Coach at Fiftysix Creations. Zara started her journey at Fiftysix Creations as a workshop participant. Her energy and passion for entrepreneurial education led her to becoming the youngest employee of the organisation at just sixteen years old. Zara has now delivered the program to 10,000+ students from across Australia and New Zealand.

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Gabrielle Parker: Director of People

Gabrielle Parker is the Director of People at Fiftysix Creations. She is passionate about driving strong employee engagement and outcomes. She is also in charge of the management and delivery of our Business Camp School Holiday Program.

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Atiyya Batty: Head of Alumni

Atiyya Batty is the Head of Alumni and Assistant Special Events Manager at Fiftysix Creations. She started her journey with Fiftysix Creations in 2016 as a Classroom Coach and is committed to delivering long-lasting career outcomes for our workshop alumni.

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Peter Williams: Head of Education -


Peter Williams is responsible for the roll-out of new programs and activities at our Business Camp School Holiday Program. He is also directly responsible for parent communication in the lead up to school holidays.

Our Classroom Coaches

  • Leila V - Junior Classroom Coach (Brisbane, QLD)

  • Nickhil N - Junior Classroom Coach (Brisbane, QLD)

  • Cameron B - Junior Classroom Coach (Brisbane, QLD)

  • Sara P - Junior Classroom Coach (Melbourne, VIC)

  • Hannah B - Junior Classroom Coach (Melbourne, VIC)

  • Lucy V - Junior Classroom Coach (Melbourne, VIC)

  • Jacob S - Lead Classroom Coach (Brisbane, QLD)

  • Emily H - Senior Classroom Coach (Brisbane, QLD)

  • Hugh B - Senior Classroom Coach (Brisbane, QLD)

  • Dylan N - Junior Classroom Coach (Gold Coast, QLD)

  • Alisa L - Junior Classroom Coach (Brisbane, QLD)

  • Kim D - Junior Classroom Coach (Brisbane, QLD)